Meet the Panelists

Allison Aldridge-Saur
Director of eMarketing
Chickasaw Nation Division of Commerce

Allison has worked in high tech and web for over 10 years. She has a Masters in German Literature and Culture, of all things! As a member of the Chickasaw Nation, she jumped at the chance to leverage Digital Media to support the tribal business initiatives that fund services for Chickasaw People and Native Americans. Check out her blog.

Circe Sturm
University of Texas at Austin
Circe Sturm is a cultural anthropologist, writer and filmmaker. She has spent most of her career working with indigenous people in the United States. In her new book, Becoming Indian (2010), she explores neotribalism among both American Indians and non-Indians. On-line communities play an important role in this new social movement, helping to fuel changes in both social identification and civil society. 

Holly Counter Beaver
Principal, Practitioner & Student
Lighthouse Experience Design
Holly Counter Beaver joins Allison Saur, Lou Ordorica and Circe Sturm in SXSWi “What Digital Tribes can Learn from Native Americans” as the moderator of the panel. You’ll be able to identify Holly from the three phonebooks she’ll need to sit above the panel table as well as her timid smile and “inside voice.” Holly‘s purpose in life is to help others through the design, creation and diffusion of useful knowledge and “good” experiences. She is a PhD hopeful, looking to combine her extensive professional history and expertise in digital experience design and interactive technologies with the emerging field of conservation social work. This unique fusion will enable her to create and pioneer new knowledge and global practices for sustainable communities; and facilitate respectful appreciation of natural environments and resources, humans and nonhumans, and environmental health and sustainability. At 75, Holly wants to look back and know she was an agent of positive social change and justice, particularly in her personal relationships and the social ecosystems with which she connects.

Lou Ordorica
Community Manager
Web Achiever

Lou Ordorica began his social media and community management journey at Sun Microsystems in 2007, where he developed online experiences built around the conversation. He writes and speaks on how individuals and companies can leverage the power of the social Web for fun and profit. Lou loves browsing used book stores, putting in hot laps at the track, and spending time with his wife and kids in the beautiful state of Colorado. Check out more on his blog.